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Welcome to the 2016 2017 Kelly Coin pool league


We will be starting Wed. October 19st at 7:00 sharp


I Chris Loew will be the administrator again this year my cell

number 712-210-5639

My address to send score sheets and money to is


1816 N Main St.


Carroll Iowa 51401


State tournament is in Waterloo on March 8 thru 12th.


you need 8 weeks min. to qualify (iowaoma.com)


Midwest is in Midamerican Center in Council Bluffs April 26th thru 30th 


you need 12 weeks to qualify and 1 player on teams can have

only 6 weeks.


The three man rules commitee will stay the same this year:


Chuck Bates 712-830-7541 bar 712-684-2804


Tracy Buck 712-830-6475


Chris Loew 712-210-5639


Get these number in your phone so you can call if needed.


Fees this year are $19 per player.  $11 for VNEA,  $3 for midwest,

and $5 for the stat website. All these fees will be deducted out of

the end of the year money. 


Sheets and money need to be in my hand by monday or a $10 fine

will be issued.


I am not resposible for lost sheets, cash, or bad checks.


On forfeits both teams pay the $28 for the week  and winning

team gets 5 points with no

personal stats affected.


Rules Will be VNEA Rules and can be printed off at vnea.com


It will be $7 per night with $5 going to the league fund and $2


going towards final team tournament.


Bonuses will be paid to the Top 3 places this year 1st $300


2nd $200      and 3rd $100 



There will be 25 cents paid to me for each player each week for

updating stats.


Hadicap will be used but we will use last years average for the

first 6 weeks


New players will need 3 weeks to establish a hadicap.


Each new sub will be charged $5 for stat fee and will come out of

the earnings of the team that uses them first.


No new subs once last round starts.


You must play with at least two regular players each week


and a minimum of three the 4th can take 3s for a score and use

the highest hadicap of the players missing.


Start time is 7:00 with forfeit at 7:15 we are all gentlemen and


Should be on time as well as work with someone who notifies you

in advance that they are going to be late or need to move to a


different night.


Dan will be refelting all table before the start of the league.


Please notify me or Dan if you have any issues with the tables


throughout the year he has assured us he will take care of us.


Team tourney



will be at the Northside this year on April 1st.


you must have 3 players to play and any missing player will


get 0's each game.


Tim Lee had added an extra $610 to allow all 6 places to to payed


out.  It will be hadicapped


Tourney will NOT be seeded this year.


We will draw for seedings.


Dan will be refelting the 2nd table so we will be


playing on 2 tables.


Jerry will match money again for drinks & food


 GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!















Our team tourney is scheduled for Sat

3/29/2014 at Chucks Place.


We will start at 9:00 sharp !


Table 1 will be Laneys VS Dugans Boys


Table 2 will be Pirahna Club VS Northside


Home team will be the higher seed. We will be using


handicaps and playing only 3 rounds. We will have a short


meeting after the 1st matches.


Welcome to the
  Kelly Coin Pool League
League administator is Chris Loew 712-210-5639


Please text me so i have your cell phone number



Pool League will start this week Oct 2 and will end


March 5 2014 We are skipping wed November 27th,


December 25th and January 1st.



State tournament is in Waterloo on March 12 thru 16.



Midwest tournament is in Sioux City on April 24 thru 27.



The start time has been moved up to 7:15 and forfiet at





We are having a 3 man rules commitee this year for you


to call for rules or questions about rules. they are:


Chuck Bates 712-830-7541


Tracy Buck 712-830-6475


Mark Cretsinger 712-304-1222


There will be a penalty for sheets that are not to me by


monday. Each team will get one free be the 1st half of 


the year. Then a $10 fine and a dollar for every day after


Tuesday. These fines will come out of your payouts


at the end of the year. I am not responsible for


lost cash or bad checks.



Please send checks to my address: 425 W 9th.


Carroll, Iowa 51401



Forfeits: The forfeiting team will get 0 points and the


other team will get 5. No personal stats will be


affected. Both teams will still need to pay their $24.




The scoresheets should be printable i do have bigger


ones i will try to get around to everyone.













The visiting team should always keep a copy of the


scoresheet in case it would get lost.


Rules will be VNEA you can print them off of the


VNEA.com website.



Mark your pocket is expected and should be followed.



The cost is $6 per week $5 towards the league payouts


and $1 for the team tournament.




Please call me with any other questions and concerns.


Remember we are all gentlemen and if you are playing


to make money or get rich you are in the wrong sport. 

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